Are you keen to learn more about what is affecting your symptoms?

Do you experience symptoms that vary daily without a clear understanding of what factors influence them? Do you have difficulty getting a clear diagnosis or treatment plan that is effective?

How Healthlinx Works:

  1. Personalised Tracking: Choose parameters like pain levels, mood, and more. Track interventions like medications, exercises, or lifestyle changes.
  2. Flexible Settings: Configure reminders or customise your data input to record your symptoms or clinical signs. Tailor the app to suit your preferences.
  3. Correlation Insights: Over time, Healthlinx identifies correlations between your symptoms and lifestyle factors or treatments. Discuss the results with your practitioner for professional interpretation and treatment plan adjustments.
  4. Practitioner Collaboration: If your practitioner subscribes to Healthlinx, they can prescribe treatment plans directly and monitor shared data. If your practitioners are not subscribed, simply add your treatment plans manually and track your results for unique insights into your health.