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Healthlinx UK Ltd. seeks partnerships in healthtech, academia, and business to help improve the health of our communities and facilitate the delivery of seamless, personalised and effective healthcare for all.

The current public healthcare system is in crisis, with cost-inefficiencies, staff shortages and long waiting lists. Moreover, the health of the nation is deteriorating with 30% of the population living with chronic illness, 25% experiencing a mental health problem, and half a million more people being unable to work due to long-term sickness than in 2019.

Our patient-led, data-driven platform empowers individuals to manage their health effectively with the support of the expert health practitioners of their choosing.

It is recognised that those who have the highest level of knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their daily health require fewer GP appointments and A&E attendances. This not only improves the health and quality of life for individuals, but also impacts the broader economy by reducing the demands upon the health system, and enabling people to return to work.

Healthlinx aims to unite practitioners of excellence in a dynamic, self-regulating healthcare system which prioritises holistic and personalized care for the individual.

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